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about the pretend press

The Pretend Press is me, Flannery Bateman, a humble book artist newly relocated to the sunny side of the San Francisco Bay. In addition to publishing a menagerie of illustrated and dimensional books, I design photo albums to suit any occasion, real or pretend.

I specialize in designing wedding albums. I'm pretty good at it! I publish these albums through online book printers (such as or from whom you can order your copies.

To purchase a limited edition storybook or discuss your special occasion album needs, just give me a call or send an email... Or stop by for tea if you're in the neighborhood.

official artist statement

My work aspires to fuse a contemplative appreciation of the unknowably true nature of reality with the whimsy of our most child-like imaginings. Since nothing tickles my gut quite like the sight of animals wearing clothes, anthropomorphism serves as the central hub in my structural narratives. I am primarily a book artist attracted to the intimate and interactive nature of the relationship between reader and book. Outside of the covers, my work also combines layers and subtle points of detail to invite the viewer into pondering a private joke.

about me, flannery

I was born in a dome in West Virginia and educated in book arts and technologies at the University of Iowa. I have over 15 years of experience in desktop publishing. I served three years as an indentured apprentice bookbinder in San Francisco and I now work as a freelance graphic designer in the comforts of my new home office.

I'm currently accepting new clients, so contact me if you'd like to discuss your book, album, cupcake or cat-sitting needs. Cats love me.

328 Wayne Avenue · Oakland, CA 94606, USA · 415-823-0720 · MySpace · Facebook