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About the Alien Tarot

I started creating the Alien Tarot cards for my parents ten years ago. I create the cards seasonally, at a regulated pace of just four cards per year. The major arcana of 22 cards is complete and I'm 18 cards into the minor arcana, as of May 2008.

What's it all mean? From the emerging stories, it seems that our cosmic representatives, those yellow-tinted, lean and mouthless beings, find themselves exploring the path between (or tightly wound and contained inside, if you prefer to be stringy about it) the finite and the infinite. My personal interpretation of the tarot and my limited but enthusiastic contemplation of the cosmos feed the stories and imagery. I'm frequently surprised by the inspirations. Where will the light bulb vines lead us? Why do aliens wear underwear? All shall be revealed in this unfolding drama of astrophysical archetypes.

Selections from the Archive of Alien Tarot Cards...$10.00 each

Each 3" x 4.5" Alien Tarot print is backed with a matte, marble-accented gold cardstock. The card is showcased in a 4.25" x 5.5" french fold of Caslon paper. Once the card is removed and flipped, the card's meaning is revealed in the space beneath. The inside of the french folded greeting card is blank, ready for your personalized message. Includes vellum envelope. Selections from the Archive are available year-round.

The Alien Tarot Card Subscription Service...$6.00 each or $22/year

This alien civilization is ready to make a big bang in your mail box. Would you like to stay updated on the Alien Tarot? I can send you, or your loved one with the unique taste in the arts, a copy of each card as it emerges, hot off the Pretend Press. I offer this service for $5 per card for all future cards. The cards are mailed in May, June, November and December. Send me an email if you'd like to sign up!