Here are some samples of one-of-a-kind, commissioned book arts I've had the pleasure to produce. Click on a thumbnail for more photos.

Steppin' Out, October 2006
Created as a birthday present, this 5" x 6" carousel book has a moon dangling in the middle of the spine and googly eyes on the cover. The five scenes depict festive lobsters and handwritten lyrics to Joe Jackson's "Steppin' Out".

Where's the Hair?, May 2007
Approximately 5" x 5", this cut-out accordion book features original illustration and a plastic bubble window enclosing the recipient's beloved hair, plus a couple of paper cooties.

The Lily, the Gadget and the Unicorn, May 2007
Who's the very best? Depends who's asking. This original fairy tale is based on the judgment of Paris. Features a pamphlet-stitched booklet with text and a carousel structure for the five scenes. I plan to recreate this one in a future edition!

If you're interested in commissioning a book project from the pretend press, send me an email. I'm curious about your ideas. Maybe we can make something.